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Designer: Ronica Marie Jackson

Ronica Marie Jackson is from the small town of Mercedes, TX. When she was 12 years old, she started competing in pageants. Through pageantry she discovered her passion for fashion and every time she would try on the many different gowns and other outfits she would think of alterations she could do to make them more unique and give them more of her personal style. When Ronica was working at a call center for a hospital she knew she wasn’t completely happy. Ronica went through some life challenges and depression. The future she had envisioned was not what her life was like and she felt that something was missing. And looking through inspiration she started doodling on napkins and other random pieces of paper. In 2013, she started designing in her mind different dresses and suits until she finally bought a sketch book and other design tools. In 2014, she sketched out an entire collection and started taking the steps to start her clothing line. Ronica Marie Couture made its official debut on February 2015. Since then, Ronica continues to grow as a self-taught designer.

Company Bio:

Ronica Marie Couture was founded on February 2015 is for women looking for evening wear for pageantry, prom, and special occasions. Ronica Marie Jackson, founded this clothing line for women in order to feel chic, classy, strong and confident. Ronica Marie believes in custom designs for women that want a unique style

Ronica Marie Couture has designed opening number dresses for pageants, such as Miss Texas Belleza Latina; custom dresses for Miss Texas Global – Juleanty Esquivel; MS. Texas Belleza Latina – Beatrice Flores, and Miss Texas Belleza Latina – Erika Graham. Her biggest accomplishment to date has to be showing in New York Fashion Week with Art and Beauty Magazine. Ronica’s goal is to soon be in boutiques Internationally.    

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